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Many basketball players can increase their shooting accuracy by improving the arch on their shot.  Steph Curry, one of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen, has a nearly perfect arch on his shots. Regardless of where he shoots from -- whether it is in the paint, off the dribble in the mid-range, from three-point range, from deep three-point range near half court, or from the tunnel during his pre-game routine; Mr. Curry has a perfect arch on his shots consistently, which is one of the contributing factors to him being able to hit such a high percentage of shots from all areas of the floor.  In analyzing his shooting motion, it is very apparent that he has perfected having the proper arch on his shot.  One way to ensure proper shooting arch is to envision yourself, "Shooting Out of a Glass Telephone Booth."

The concept of, "Shooting out of Telephone Booth" will help the basketball player achieve a proper arch on the shoot by forcing the shooter to focus on shooting the ball UP and then OUT towards the basket. Technically speaking, the ideal arch on a shot needs to have a release angle of 50-60 degrees above horizontal to achieve the maximum area of entry as the ball passes through the rim.  All of this means that with proper arch, your shot will have more of an opportunity to go through the rim, than if the arch on the shot is less than optimal.


Prior to cellphones, there used to be small glass closets on street corners that housed a telephone that one could go inside and use for the cost of a quarter.  These closets were called telephone booths. In a quick pinch, when needing somewhere to change, Clark Kent would dash into a telephone booth and then come out as Superman.  The telephone booth stood approximately seven feet in heigth, and approximately two feet by two feet in diameter.  Imagining oneself, "Shooting Out of a Telephone Booth" will help a basketball player train to shoot properly in several areas. First, because of the close quarters of the telephone booth, the basketball player would need to shoot the jumpshot by going straight up and coming straight down.  Often times, a shooter will drift, or fade right or left, front or back, when shooting; which produces a more difficult shot, because the distance and location of the target is moving as opposed to being stationary, if the shooter were shooting from the same spot. More importantly, the shooter will be forced to shoot the ball UP AND OUT of the telephone booth as opposed to shooting directly at the rim.  By shooting the shot UP and OUT, the shooter will be forced to place an arch on the shot which will increase the area space of entry as the ball passes through the rim.

I advise all basketball players to begin every practice session with FORM SHOOTING with just the shooting hand on each block and then directly in front of the rim from two feet, working on, "Shooting Out of the Telephone Booth," and keeping in mind the B.E.E.F. method of shooting to perfect proper shooting form and working on proper shot arch. After working on proper shooting form from close range with just the shooting hand, which will force the shooter to get their elbow underneath the ball, the shooter should then add the guide hand, while still keeping in mind the concept of, "Shooting Out of the Telephone Booth."  As the ball player continues with the shooting workout or practice and gradually increases distance from the rim, the concept of, "Shooting out of the Telephone Booth,' should be maintained from every area of the floor. This will allow the player to consistently have good shooting form and proper arch on each shot.  With consistent practice and hard work over time, this method will increase the accuracy of any shooter and the results will be seen as the ball will find itself going through the nets more and more.

Make sure to, "Shoot Out of the Telephone Booth" from the free throw line, the three-point line, and from every area on the floor. This concept combined with the B.E.E. F. method of shooting will help make you a better shooter.

See you in the gym!

Coach James Johnson

Assistant Basketball Director

Direct: 678-541-0185​​
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